Rihanna Smashing UK Records But Not For Her Music

posted 7 Aug 2012, 06:00 by Jody Lee   [ updated 18 Oct 2014, 03:27 ]

For her Fragrance. She’s sold over 2 million bottles of the stuff in the UK already this year. And set to sell 4 million by the end of the year. How did she do it?

It definitely wasn’t her Ad campaign. Anyone else trying to do what she’s managed to do would fall flat on their face with that campaign. Seriously, have you seen the video? From a selling point of view… it doesn’t. It’s arty, it’s beautiful but it’s pointless. The video was produced by Rihanna’s favourite Music Video producer. What would you expect the final product to be? Nothing that’s going to sell a product! I bet the guy hasn’t sold anything in his life.

But that didn’t matter. The video wasn’t a driving force for the product. The video was probably thought of as a necessity because everyone makes a video for a perfume product. And most products these days, because we’re now told stats of how Great and Powerful video content is. A big waste of money in this case.

Rihanna’s Rebelle fragrance Advertising Campaign is a big branding flop, as are most, but her success came from Brilliant Marketing, not Advertising. Almost everyone’s heard about Rihanna’s naked billboard in New York early this year. It stopped traffic! A big publicity stunt to play on everything “Rihanna” and get the media talking. That worked. But that still wasn’t the driving force for her fans to get up, go out and buy.

Rihanna’s Sales Driving Force

I don’t know but I’d like to know who created Rihanna? Is she naturally self-made or did Jay Z find what would sell and subject it onto her? Maybe a bit of both! I’m guessing both, because what makes her marketing brilliant is Her. Her personality, attitude, provocative nature and sexual seductiveness. A good girl gone bad.

The point is “The Rihanna Package” sells. But that’s not what sold her fragrance in the numbers it has. The genius behind that is very simple and built around physiological triggers.

Rihanna rubs through the crowd, causes magnetism and attracts many millions towards her uniqueness, at the same time she repels many too. For some people she’s gone too far and criticised. In reality, in marketing, that’s perfect. That’s what you want. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you can please everyone. That’s impossible and unproductive. The more people you attract with your USP and personality, the more you’ll repel. And that’s OK you don’t want those people as your customer anyway. They wouldn’t buy from you even if they thought you were ok.

Here’s the brilliant bit. Rihanna brought out her first fragrance a year ago. It’s sold well simply because of her Celebrity status. She marketed it as a cross between a Rebel and a Flower, because she wanted to show her soft, sweet side; probably due to all the criticism surrounding her at the time. When she decided to create her second scent she asked her fans if they feel more like a Rebel or a Flower, 68% responded “Rebel”.

I would confidently guess Rihanna and her marketing team could have predicted the answer. It is directly in line with her image. Her main attraction. Anyone that has bought into Brand Rihanna is there because they are drawn in by her edginess and they want to see themselves in her image. It’s an escape from reality. They want to be a rebel like Rihanna.

It’s not the first time this positioning has been used. Madonna mastered it and countless others have tried to copy. But to my knowledge Rihanna is the only music artist to have taken her positioning and used it in another product category successfully.

Every article about Rihanna’s fragrance Rebelle says the same thing. Her message is constant. It also tells you the stats about the Rebel/Flower question, indicating the majority wants to be a Rebel and so should you (a strong trigger). They tell you what the scent smells like, though it doesn’t have to smell that great in reality. She’ll sell many millions because it is named and targeted correctly. Her target audience are female teens and twenty something and Rihanna’s launch statement identifies with those target groups.

“My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There’s a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance – but there’s also a defiant quality in it. I love its duality.”

That smacks the nail right on the head. They can embrace that statement fully because they are going through emotional life stages we’ve all been through at those ages. Teens rebelling, become defiant, growing up and take control of life and becoming a lady, to still feel she knows best but no one will listen so she wants control and becomes more defiant. Typical adolescent/young adult behaviour.

In case you missed the Genius Marketing Methods here they are:

  • Rihanna’s unique selling point and personality.
  • Taking what already works and adapting it to another product category.
  • Creating social proof and marketing it everywhere coherently.
  • Perfectly identifying target group(s) and speaking directly to them with a message that will resonate.

Understanding Wealthy – Who They Are And Why They Buy

posted 27 Jul 2012, 02:44 by Jody Lee   [ updated 27 Jul 2012, 02:56 ]

Career Women, Competitive Men and Power Couples

Wealthy people are very different than working class and middle class people. Many emotions around what they do come from different viewpoints.

A Wealthy Woman’s World

Everyone’s seen the big change over the last 50 years. Wealthy women are now equal or in some income cases and investment sectors, superior to men’s incomes and overall wealth. Many reports show women being career driven, leaving marriage and the thought of settling down to create a family until later in life. The norm was “get a job, find a husband and start a family” (maybe not even the job part). Normally in her 20’s. Now women are leaving family thoughts until 30’s.

Wealthy single women are driven investors and spenders. They are building portfolios, buying properties and enjoying life’s luxuries. Though, they are not all the same. The wealthier they are chances are they will be more financially savvy. And some are less emotional than others. In fact some women have bigger balls than most men. They have adjusted and hardened to prosper in the world. They’ll react differently to a marketing message than their emotional peers.

And different aged women will respond differently to say, miracle lotions and potions than to cosmetic surgery. But whatever they want they’ll have and are compelled to raise or hold their status being linked to luxury. These women shop with the motto “If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it!” They’re open to spend freely to feel healthy, sexy, young and powerful.

The rise of the cougars

Women are doing everything wealthy men do in business and now love. Wealthy men are known to look for and marry younger women. Spoil them with gifts and dangle them on their arm as a sign of success. Now successful wealthy women are doing the same thing. Many older celebrity women have young partners and husbands. And statistics show wealthy women are marrying down too. Their need to marry status, wealth or family equal has gone. They can keep their original status of their own accord and they have the power to do so.

Boys Never Grow Up

My mum always says “Boys never grow up”. It’s true. Men have just the same desires and interests as when they were young. And the same playground mentality. Just watch the predominantly male dominated House of Commons. It’s a playground. Who can tell the best joke, who can insult and criticize the opposition best. I’m glad they don’t do anything important like run a country. Oh wait, they do!

Men are a competitive bunch. They've had to be to survive. And wealthy men are more competitive, resulting in success and being able to follow their childhood dreams.

How many middle aged men buy a Ferrari or Porsche? A lot. Most of the sales are to older men. Because almost every boy has dreamt about owning a supercar, drooled over photos and possibly been in a showroom just to touch one. Only through competitiveness and success could a man get his dream car. And once they have that status item, guess what? They compare it with their peers. It’s a never ending competition in a wealthy man’s world.

Farther Brings Home The Bacon

Not anymore. There are two incomes coming into the home now. Gone are the days a man would work and take care of the investments, hand over the house keeping money to his wife, and be handed back his beer allowance.

Now wealthy women are much more involved. They bring in a substantial income, sometimes greater than their spouse, and they are more involved in every decision. Investments, purchases of cars and houses, renovations, literally everything. Selling anything to a power couple may need both of them present to make a sale. You have to make sure you’re talking to the decision maker(s). If you are selling a car, is it a family car or personal? Who needs to be in the room to make the decision?

Be aware of a power couples combination of male competitiveness and desire for status, and a female’s status by association. Treat them individually different to what they desire.

Stop Wealth Hunting And Become Attractive

posted 4 Jul 2012, 04:00 by Jody Lee   [ updated 6 Jul 2012, 04:07 ]

I know it’s hard. It’s in our nature to hunt. We all go hunting, but not in the same way we use to. We now do it on the high street for material items, in the supermarket and now on the internet for everything including partners and friends. And we do it in business.

Almost every business is hunting like a scraggy haired caveman, club in hand, chasing down potential customers. Are they prey? Probably praying they would go away and leave them alone? Especially the cold caller.

How many different ways can you say “I’m not interested” before you hang up on cold callers while they’re in mid-sentence? They simply don’t get it. Now I tell them once and put the phone down. I don’t have time to waste. The whole cold calling industry should be infiltrated with a list of their own home and mobile numbers. Get them all calling each other and give us some peace.

But a business needs customers and you have to get them to make money. Yes, good customers equal more money and wealth but there is a better way, a more attractive way. 

Take for example a cat, any type of cat, domestic or feral. They are lazy, lounging around not expending a lot of energy, until for whatever reason, a desire or need to catch something, they will go to a known successful location and wait. As predictable as their prey are they turn up in the right spot and get ambushed.

There are lots of predators ambushing their prey, some using a lot more energy than a cat; a stoat’s hypnotic frantic dancing around, slowly getting closer and closer to a rabbit before… A crab spider camouflaging itself, like a chameleon, on a pretty flower waiting for a nice juicy fly.

Nature provides many examples of smart creatures with evolved strategies to get the desired results, without alerting their prey early on. Business is very similar.

People have a keen instinct against a prey feeling and when they feel it, they run! You can chase them down, throw your spear, smack them over the head and drag them back to your premises. Or you can be more evolved and smart, luring your perfect prospect with attractive concepts.

Everything you do makes them feel at ease and they respond how you planned them to. You know your product or service is perfect and right for them and they can see that. They are happy they found you and will enjoy doing business with you.

Your prospect will be a lot more responsive and over all, a better customer or client because they feel they have found you. They won’t know you have worked like a cat and positioned yourself in a known location waiting for your perfect customer to find you.

And now you have found your perfect customer you should ask for referrals. They will be happy to do so and it’s also better for you because wealthy customers prefer recommendations from their social networks than having to find that person/business for themselves.

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