The Number One Reason People Don’t Buy And How To Fix It In A Few Minutes

By Jody Lee

Reason people don't buy

This is the simple solution to fix the #1 reason people do not buy.

In a few minutes, you’ll be able to solve this ‘prosperity stumping’ problem affecting the business world today.

I’m giving you this free solution so you can close more sales, make greater profits and live a relaxed life. You’ll then know what to do when sales opportunities unfold. You will make the sale.

Before I tell you the number one reason people do not buy and how to fix it…

Are your prospects qualified?

Are they qualified to buy what you’re selling?

Are they quality targeted leads?

Qualifying a prospect before you attempt to make a sale is a must. Otherwise, you could be wasting time, energy and money on the wrong person.

Imagine you have the perfect salesperson, with the perfect sales pitch, delivering it to someone who will never buy. That’s time, energy and money you’re never getting back.

It happens all the time and can be easily avoided.

If you’re not sure how to target and qualify potential customers or if you need better techniques, I’ll help you with that in a moment.

But first

… Let’s imagine you have the perfect prospect in front of you. You deliver your sales presentation and they do not buy. They happily stuck around for the whole sales process, you tried to close, and they chose not to buy.

What happened… What went wrong?

Honestly, nothing. They simply are not hyper-responsive to whatever it is you are selling.

Only 2% of sales are made in the first attempt.

Does it surprise you only 2% of sales are made this way?

I’m sure your seasoned gut instinct could have led you to guessing a low sales percentage at this point. And you instinctively know you should follow up with the hot prospect.

You’ll know you need to try again

One setback at this point is many businesses have their doors open for potential customers walking in, and allow them to walk out after the first sales attempt never to be seen again.

They are massively missing out because they do not have one major thing working for them... to be able to follow up.

If this is a problem for you, I’ll solve it in a moment too.

If being able to follow up with your prospects is not a problem, but you would like more functioning strategies, you too can have them to use in your business.

OK, back to your perfect prospect sales follow up.

We know one sales attempt is not going to cut it. It’s simply not good enough. Two attempts are better than one, but if you don’t succeed… try, try again, because a massive 80% of sales are made in the first five attempts!

And statistics show, by sales attempt number nine you will have just about maxed out all possible sales.

Here’s the not so shocking stat:

44% Of Salespeople Only Get To Sales Attempt Number Two

And the rest rapidly fall off the cliff after follow up three and four. Very few salespeople get to follow up number nine with a non-buyer.

This is the number one reason people are not handing over their cash and buying something. It’s not because they do not want to. It’s because they are not completely ready to, and the salesperson disappears along with their buying urge.

What are you going to do?

If you are the only salesperson, you must make sure you have the ability to follow up first and then devise a follow-up procedure… and follow through. If you're not sure how to do it I'll help you with it in a moment.

If you have a team of sales personnel your problem is deeper, but easily side stepped. In every sales team, you have the top performers, the average group, and dead weight.

You can give them the same quality and qualified prospects, the same motivation, the same presentation and follow up, but the outcome never changes.

In essence, you can hold the pointy end of a pitchfork at the rear of a salesperson ready for their backing away from the sale, or you can automate your marketing and sales follow-up procedure.

There’s only so much you can do to help your sales team before your efforts render pointless for all but the top performers.

So the best way to overcome this sales issue is to make sure you are able to attract perfect prospects, be able to follow up with them, and systematically produce sales without relying on a sales person doing it.

My FREE Complete Marketing System will give you the information to systematically do it for you. In no time at all you’ll be attracting qualified prospects and turning them into customers through automated marketing and sales with acute predictability.

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