Why The Streets Are Truly Paved In Gold

By Jody Lee

The Streets Are Paved In Gold

Immigrants come to our country believing the streets are paved in gold. I've got to tell you, they’re right.

You might be thinking I'm a bit crazy, and I wouldn't blame you, but here’s why they are right…

Most of us have a belief system that has developed over our lifetime.

Some of us believe something is controlling our life… the god’s, the stars, whatever. They effectively do not try, because, what’s the point, it’s already mapped out.

Migrants fuel their journey for a better life with their beliefs… the complete opposite of, “what’s the point!”

And then there are some that simply question… Why?

Like An Inquisitive Child They Dig To The Truth With... Why?

An Alchemist is such a person. Inquisitive in nature, and in pursuit of the gold making secret. People were scared of alchemists and their forbidden art... because people didn't understand why.

Why they did what they did… it was all foreign.

Alchemists were like fascinated children playing with a chemistry set, mixing chemicals and minerals together to see what happens.

Although, at the heart of an alchemist’s belief was the creation of peace. They wanted to stop neighbouring tribes, civilisations and empires pillaging, fighting and killing each other for gold.

So they pursued a way of making gold.

In 1682, one famous alchemist, Johann Friedrich Böttger, was convinced he could discover the secret of turning lead into gold.

August the Strong, elector of Saxony and king of Poland, heard of young Böttger’s ambition and secret demonstrations, and requested Böttger produce gold for him. Böttger agreed and promised to produce gold in a few weeks.

Böttger didn’t produce gold and August the Strong throw him in prison with the ultimatum, make gold or die!

Years passed without Böttger making gold.

While imprisoned he met another alchemist Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirnhaus. Tschirnhaus was interested in producing porcelain, an exotic substance that could only be imported from China. Porcelain was worth much more than gold.

So Böttger switched his efforts to making porcelain. In 1708, Böttger’s breakthrough came. He made Europe’s first porcelain object. By 1724, Europe had its first factory challenging China’s porcelain production.

This single discovery was worth much more than discovering how to make gold. If Böttger or any other alchemist discovered how to make gold, the value of gold would plummet.

Instead, They Created Success & Wealth

The creation of new technologies is worth more than gold.

Without technology creation, we’d still be hunting and gathering and living like wild animals under the law of survival of the fittest.

The human mind and technology makes the difference…

Finding a way and turning an idea into reality is our true wealth… our gold. We once had a problem of over growing communities with limited food, but we found a way. We invented farming.

Then the more land you or a nation had to farm, the wealthier you or a nation would be. Land subsequently became limited. In the 1930’s productive land became scant. But by the 1990’s we developed a way of increasing land productivity by one hundred times.

Problem Solved

We create technology again and again.

Once, oil was unusable. Then we found a way to refine it and burn it. It became a reliable fuel. But then in 1973… Oil Is Running Out!

We only had 40 years left. Skip ahead to the 1990’s, the updated estimate changed from 20 years to 90 years. Why?

Because new technology created efficiency and the ability to find more oil. The creation of the vehicle fuel injector doubled fuel efficiency, doubling the supply of fuel.

With our ability to become more efficient and find more oil, it is estimated oil supplies will last for hundreds of years.

One day the oil will run out. It’s not a problem. We have proven historical resilience this type of problem has never stopped us before. We will find a way.

Kodak, before they were forced to evolve, demanded silver for their production. This forced the price of silver up. Supply and demand, and scarcity made it so. Then a system was developed that didn't need silver.

Cars used to use platinum to manufacture catalytic converters and then cars were developed not needing platinum.

We always think we are going to run out and we have to control whatever it is… but long before we run out we abandon it in favour of a much more productive resource.

Today’s Immigration Fears

I’m in favour of migration, immigration, whatever you want to call it. It is productively good. And good for the economy. Here’s why…

Andrew Carnegie, the steel industry tycoon, was criticised for employing immigrants. He was seen by the onlooker as taking jobs away from the locals.

The locals simply didn’t understand why he’d employ immigrants over them.

It was because Carnegie changed the way steel was produced, but the local, capable of doing the job, refused to do what was asked, because it’s simply not the way it was done.

They resisted change because it’s not how they've always done it.

Immigrants, on the other hand, adopted a different mindset on the journey over. They would do whatever it took to get a job and provide for their family. If Carnegie asked them to push a button at a set time, or pull a lever, they’d do it, no questions asked.

It’s a similar situation today. The majority of the unemployed will not do whatever it takes to get a job.

They will not pound the streets all day every day looking for work.

They will not do a job deemed beneath their imaginary status.

They will not learn what is socially expected of them and present themselves in that manner.

And they wonder why businesses happily employ migrants!

It's By No Means Perfect

A common complaint of the everyday person is immigrants are lowering our wages.

I agree this is bad practice.

Businesses should not actively be looking to lower wages. It is damaging to long term business and the economy. It takes spending power out of the hands of the people. And affects the circulation, the flow of money.

It is a poor person’s mentality.

But sometimes it is the fault of the immigrant. He doesn't see or understand the value of the job. He merely believes he is more likely to get work if he undercuts the competition.

It is wrong and blind to our human desire for quality and value and service. Plus, it is a belief there are limited opportunities out there, when in fact opportunities are multiplying.

There Is No Scarcity

If money was scarce, would there be queues for the latest iPhone, or PlayStation, or Xbox? Would Sky or Virgin media subscriptions exist?

The truth is poverty is depleting. Disposable income is growing and being spent. Today’s world is richer than before and we keep creating ways of adding wealth to it.

You can create added intangible value... like Toyota has done to Lexus. Toyota saturated the market with cars and then introduced a high-end quality brand to keep money moving and people spending.

You can be an alchemist and create something new. Just look how much has changed in our lifetime. Twenty years ago who would have guessed how many money-making opportunities could be created with computer and internet technologies?

The opportunities are endless and only limited in your head.

The streets are paved in gold. There is true value in the pavement. We once walked dusty tracks, then cobbled them, and finally created paving stones and tarmac. It is manufactured wealth.

You can manufacture your own wealth… you only need to believe and do something.

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