You Won’t Get Customers Flocking To Your Business Until You Know This…

By Jody Lee

customers buying your products and services

This is the secret to long-lasting business and the ability to create any businesses you want.

It’s a formula successful entrepreneurs have been communicating time and time again. It is very simple but bypasses the average business person like a changing wind.

If you can master your control of thought, you can master this formula too. It is very simply, but backwards to most people, because our society leads us up the wrong path and changed our logic.

A change back is happening now. You can be one of the successful business people taking advantage in a few minutes after reading this.

You Have A Choice

You can choose to continue as you are and live in an unpleasant dog eat dog world or be part of the future now.

And I predict it will happen faster than most imagine because we live in an age of high-speed communication. If you act now, you too can be one of the front-runners in your industry, because the message is out there. The information is out there. And you have access to a Lego set of tools to build it.

“If you build it they will come.”

It’s a dream. The shell is not the secret to success. It can’t be empty. It must be filled with something appetising and nourishing. Something you cannot see without slicing it open, but you know it is there.

Your business must have an identity… a belief, as the backbone holding it up. This is what makes you strong and stand out from the crowd.

Business changed in the 70’s and 80’s. Business personnel began cowering to the shareholders and their demands. Business people’s self-interest was over fed. Selfishness was rewarded. We became more animal than the social human being we are.

We can see our errors and some of us are forcefully changing our belief, responses, and business practice to create stronger long lasting businesses. To create a better society. To feel good about ourselves and the future.

If this is what you want, start with this question:

Why are you in business, and how does this benefit your customer so that they too hold your belief as their own?

Successful businesses communicate there why, and their fanatic customers will shout from the roof tops and queue down the street for them.

It’s the reason why Apple can create a huge successful launch and their competitors struggle.

It’s why people choose to shop at Waitrose.

It’s why people tattoo Harley Davidson logos on their flesh.

It’s why Facebook became the most successful social media platform even though there were many competitors before it.

These businesses have a clear distinct message and they target people who are more likely to respond to that message. They do not do what most businesses do. They do not create something and offer it to the masses.

They create a core belief and attract a dedicated hub of aficionados.

Once you have your hub, the rest will follow soon after because they need proof first and not willing to take the risk.

The masses are flaky and not worth your extra effort. Your time is better spent on your hub. They are the ones to be listened to and the ones to be served. They are the ones who will reliably spend money with you.

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