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In the last 15 years, the internet has changed explosively and continues to do so. It doesn't look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

Very smart people are working on New Marketing Systems and new ways to do stuff. Big companies invent and make changes like the wind, and individuals at home sitting in the kitchen emit a moment of genius, and produce the next magnificent thing for Internet Marketing.

The internet has exploded into life.
Is it now part of our human rights?

There are a few problems with all this. Most business people don’t know how it all works, what’s new, or changed, or what they should and shouldn't be doing.

Some business people have tried one or two things; it didn't work so stopped. Or only continued doing that one thing that did work. They haven’t tried anything else or tried to improve their results.

The Internet is changing faster than Superman.

It’s not their fault. Most marketers, not just business people, don’t know how Online marketing really works, or the constant new changes.

Most marketers do not constantly educate themselves about marketing. They think learning on the job is education enough.

Well, they’re falling further and further behind. Especially in an online world changing faster than Christopher Reeve in a telephone box.

Online Marketing
Your Quick Test Resource
From Wherever You Are

The best “Entry Use” for online marketing is its responsive speed. You can test an idea or concept and get a reaction within moments. It’s brilliant finding out if your target customers gravitate towards your test.

Test to see if you're on target with your market.

Something you could do traditionally offline would take weeks to measure your return on investment.

It can now be done online in less than a day. And for far less expense. You could be on to a winner, but if you’re not, you will not lose a substantial amount, and then you can comfortably get to work on your next test.

Directly Plugged In

The internet has changed our world and the way we do business. We don’t need to be in the same room anymore, we don’t need to be in the same country or continent. You’re directly plugged into the world via a few cables and radio waves.

Everything that needs doing can be systematically communicated, implemented and tracked on the web.

You can do business from anywhere you want.

You could be on the beach relaxing and doing some work on your laptop, and then connect to the web through your mobile phone or pop into a bar or anywhere with a WiFi connection to check, upload or download whatever you need to.

You don’t have to be stuck in your office or at home forever.

Victimised Online Marketing Tools
They Just don’t understand

Websites generally get underused and mistreated. They have huge significance and should do more than tell people what you do and look pretty.

Most of the time a business will get a web designer to create a site, and the designer will normally tell you what you need. Wrong!

Unless your designer is a marketer that knows what works for a web design, not one that simply looks good, can produce great content that sells, not something that says “We are…” and “We do…”.

You'll need marketing knowledge to help you produce a great website

Online Ninjas
Can they do more than just SEO?

Then there is the problem with Online marketers focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and using the website as just a traffic destination because most SEO is done away from your site.

What happens when your traffic slams on the brakes and sticks their head out of the window for a quick look?

They put their foot right back onto the accelerator! Most of the time people don’t hang around for longer than 8 seconds. So shouldn't your focus be on stopping the traffic and getting them to do something?

Utilise Internet Marketing Tools

Marketers and Businesses rely on One or Two.
That's extremely dangerous.

It’s easy to forget the importance of utilising all the tools at your marketing disposal when one or two are working so well for you. Marketers often fall into that trap and plough more time into the one thing that works. That’s a risky game to play.

At any moment the rules to the game could change and they often do. Google has changed the rules many times before, wiping businesses clean off the search result listings.

What’s even scarier, when marketers were surveyed, more than 60% will focus on SEO and email marketing, but interest drops rapidly when online advertising is mentioned, only 38% will use it. And uptake plummets to 20% when asked about webinars.

That’s worrying, because webinars, when used correctly can close sales by up to 40% after the event has finished. You can’t allow that kind of money making potential slip through your fingers because an untrained, uneducated marketer is in control.

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