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Social Media...

Your Relationship Amplifier Turned To Maximum

Exciting social media promises invade our business conscious, affecting our desire to jump on in and use it.

Or you could go the other way and be totally against the idea.

The truth… It’s not for every business. Some business people and marketers will tell you something like...

“Communicating with consumers and getting them to like and increase an emotional feeling towards a brand through social media is what it should be used for. But using social media for business to business, no that’s not good.”

Well, they’re wrong about that. I’ll tell you why in a moment.

Other marketers comment about a lack of return on investment so they stay well away.

Big global brands see social media as a golden gateway to the beating hearts of their customers. And they spend big using and creating content and apps to turn that admiration dial right up.

How do you know if you should be using social media?

Clearly, don’t jump in with two feet without understanding and thinking about how and more importantly why you would use social media.

Just because everyone else is on the band waggon doesn't mean you should be.

Social Media Bandwagon

Social media has a lot of hidden benefits other than being in contact with your customers.

You can help drive traffic to your website either with people viewing your content from a social media site, or search engines will reward your website when you have links, video and popularity from social media sites.

You don’t have to be plugged into these sites, constantly watching for activity and waiting to respond should someone ask a question.

Although some companies do. It depends on your business and what you are providing on social media. Some companies have an employee or two monitoring the activity on their social media sites throughout the day. These could be B2B or B2C businesses doing this.

Social Media Personal Choices
Which social media service is for you?

Which Social Media Service Is Your Customer & Prospect Using?

Before you start signing up for social media and spending time creating a page and learning how to use it, or spending money for someone else to do it for you, you need to ask this question:

Are the people I need and want to interact with using this media services?

The answer is relatively easy to find out with the World Wide Web at your fingertips.

The big platforms like Facebook and Twitter have their own search engines you can use. Simply type in relative words and results will pop up giving you an informed idea. Or there are free apps to check if a social media site suits your business.

YouTube has exploded since its start and now owned by Google. It’s a platform you need to exploit because Google will reward you in their search engine results.

Also and probably more importantly, video has better value to some customers than others. On your website you should have a video embedded and maybe a written transcript as well.

Some people like to watch videos and others like to read. But streaming video isn’t always reliable and fast in some areas, or when you’re on the move, so providing the two covers most customers and possibilities.

Putting Money In The Bank

Social Media probably won’t be your biggest money maker, especially if you use it like the majority. They are tools you should use to draw in your perfect customer or client, help build a relationship and move them closer to spending money with you.

Very seldom will you or can you make direct sales from Social Media.

Social Media should be used as part of your marketing system but not your focus.

Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet