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Traditional Marketing...

It’s Not Olden, It’s Golden!

New Marketing trends come and go so fast. What was hot yesterday might not be hot today, especially on the internet. But it would be very wrong to overlook what actually works, and luckily for you, most people do.

Traditional marketing that worked in the 1900’s still works today. We haven’t changed, only the tools for implementation have changed.

By not exploiting all the offline marketing strategies and tools at your disposal, you’re leaving a large lump of cash on the table for someone else.

Your target customer is going to spend their money somewhere and it won’t be with you, unless you start exploiting all your options effectively.

Shouting from the rooftop doesn't make sales

There is NO point broadcasting "What you do" and hoping it vibrates your perfect audience’s eardrums, tantalises their brainwaves and makes them salivate for you when they have the need.

My guess is you're not anything like Coca-Cola®. And I bet you don’t have their marketing budget either.

The key to any and every form of marketing is to be on target with your customer.

Your ideal customer has to be aware of you, feel you are providing something especially for them, then they will like you, like your business and spend their money with you.

It’s almost impossible to brand your company like one of the big players and see returns fast. So don’t waste your money trying.

You have choices and lots of them. You have better choices than grabbing a megaphone and shouting your slogan, or what you do and who you can do it for. Nobody really cares.

Marketing To Consumers And Businesses

If you’re marketing to consumers or businesses you can use traditional marketing streams to target your market, with your unique message and receive more business than ever before.

Because not many companies are marketing effectively and they are positively not laser targeting perfect prospects.

Whether you’re marketing to Consumers or Business you can use the same traditional methods and strategies, because consumers and businesses are no different in the way you might think. They are people too!

The only difference is your customer or client on an individual level. When you are marketing to wealthy people there is a huge difference than marketing to a working class mentality.

A wealthy consumer or client will respond in similar ways. After all, they’re only human. And that’s what marketing relies on, a human response.

Are You Mixing Up Your Marketing?

Traditional Marketing should be an equal or greater part of your mix. And with the right advice, it will pull in more business than you could dream of.

Realistically, your competition isn't doing anything they should or could be. They’re all jumping on the social media bandwagon and marketing online. They've forgotten about traditional methods and are decreasing their usage.

A whopping 34% of marketers do not plan to use direct mail and 17% plan to decrease their usage.

They're a flock of brain dead sheep following a new false god fuelled with hype and promises.

They either don’t know or have forgotten direct mail is the most powerful and reliable form of marketing. When correctly fused together with online and social media marketing you have a tremendous new alloy your competition desires but cannot recreate.

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